Dunk Tank Rental FAQ

What The Dunk Tank Company Provides

  • 100' of Hose
  • 100' of Electrical for Pumps
  • Heated water at time of fill up if from a garden hose
  • Balls to throw at target
  • Liability Insurance (Click here for a certificate)


What Renter Provides

  • Flat ground
  • Water Hook Up
  • Electrical access
  • Dunkee(s)
  • Operator
  • Entrance to Parks (If required)

Other Questions

How many gallons is the tank?   500 Gallons

How deep is the tank?   48"

How wide is the tank?  The Bucket is 5' 3" wide

How wide does my gate have to be to get the tank in my back yard?  6'

How cold is the water?  Between 60 and 70 degrees

How long does it take to fill up?

  • 35 Minutes on City Water & No Heat
  • 2-4 Well Water & No Heat
  • 2-4 Hours City Water & Heat
  • 2-5 Hours Well Water & Heat

How Long is my rental?  1 Full Day

What if I want it a second day? $125 per additional day

What if my party will go late?  We can pick up the next day, please drain the water out if not in a secure area.

Do I have to heat the tank?  No

Is the water treated?  We do not add Chemicals to the water.

What happens to all the water?  The water is drained in the area the tank is set up in.  However we do have some ways to pump the water further.  Please note this when renting the tank.

Is it safe for my kids?  If your kid is between 2' and 4' tall, an adult is watching them and they have a life jacket on they are safe.